Teacher Articles on Speaking & Pronunciation

The 'Speaking & Pronunciation' category offers articles designed to aid English language teachers and academics in their instruction. The content focuses on enhancing students' speaking abilities and pronunciation accuracy, providing practical strategies and innovative teaching methods. This resource is invaluable for educators seeking to improve their students' oral communication skills in English.

How to teach English syllables

Teaching counting and pronouncing the right number of beats in English words.

Classroom language for teaching pronunciation

The big list of useful classroom language when teaching pronunciation

Why your students speak L1 in class

Some reasons why students speak their own language in English classes

Using poetry to help with pronunciation

How poetry can help young learners with pronunciation

Teaching Speaking & Conversation

In what ways can conversation be regarded as a skill? How might this influence our approach to teaching it?

Pronunciation Practice and Listening Exercise - Listening and practicing the 'th' sound

Here's a handout that I use to help my students practice and learn how to pronounce the 'th' sound.