Teacher Articles on Body Language and Gestures

The 'Body Language and Gestures' category provides insightful articles that delve into the non-verbal aspects of communication. These resources will equip English language teachers and academics with a deeper understanding of how body language and gestures can influence and enhance language teaching. The content will also offer practical strategies for incorporating this knowledge into their teaching methods, thereby enriching their students' learning experience.

How to use body language and gestures in EFL classes

An overview of gestures and other body language in English classes, including games and other teaching activities

How to teach international body language and gestures

A guide to presenting and practising variations in body language and gestures around the world

Teaching pronunciation through body language and gestures

How teachers and students can use their bodies to make English sounds easier to pronounce and remember.

The big list of classroom language with gestures

Nearly 100 classroom instructions and explanations that can be accompanied by gestures, with descriptions of how teachers can use their bodies.

Using body language and gestures to teach grammar

Ways for teacher and students to use their bodies to present and practise grammatical forms such as tenses, modal verbs and passive voice

Exploring Body Language in English Teaching Techniques

The physical body is a valuable tool for teaching English to young learners. By using gestures, emotions, actions, movement, voice, and eye contact, students can quickly understand and respond to language.