Category: Speaking & Pronunciation

In the 'Speaking & Pronunciation' category, you will find articles designed to enhance your spoken English skills. These articles will guide you in improving your pronunciation, articulation, and fluency, making your English sound more natural and understandable. This category is particularly beneficial for those who wish to communicate effectively in English in both personal and professional settings.

57 ways to improve your fluency

Short and long term solutions for those who want to speak more quickly and smoothly. Also useful for teachers planning classroom fluency practice.

How to improve your pronunciation outside class

Ideas and tips to help you improve your pronunciation outside class

Why doesn't my teacher correct all my mistakes when I am speaking?

A teacher's view some possible answers to a question commonly asked by ESL learners

Why does my teacher make me learn the phonemic script?

Good and bad reasons for your teacher wanting you to learn the phonemic script

English Pronunciation Quiz

Test your knowledge of accent reduction

English Pronunciation for the ESL Learner

A look at ways in which learners can improve their pronunciation.