Category: Business Communications

In the 'Business Communications' category, you will find articles that will enhance your understanding of English in a professional context. You will learn how to effectively communicate in business environments, from writing emails to delivering presentations. This knowledge will be invaluable in your professional life, helping you to interact confidently with colleagues and clients.

How to teach starting and ending meetings New

How to teach smooth, polite and friendly beginnings and endings of English business meetings.

Being polite on the phone - a step by step guide

How to make and answer phone calls formally, including formal telephoning phrases and tips on being polite on the phone.

How to thank people in presentations

How to sound genuinely appreciative as you thank the presenter and audience in presentations

How to introduce yourself in presentations

Tips and phrases for connecting with the audience and hooking them into the presentation topic with personal information

How to make a personal connection in presentations

Tips on connecting personally with a presentation audience, including useful phrases for making a personal connection with attendees.

How to be friendly on the phone in English

How to make informal phone calls without being unfriendly or rude, including how to be friendly at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of typical casual phone calls.

How to deal with difficult questions in a presentation

Tactics and phrases for dealing with tricky questions in a presentation Q&A

100 polite telephoning dos and don'ts

One hundred tips for how to be more polite and avoid being rude on the telephone in English

100 common telephoning mistakes

Typical telephoning errors with grammar, functional language, pronunciation, formality, etc.

The 150 most useful Business English abbreviations

The most important business acronyms and other ESP abbreviations for EFL learners.

Cultural differences in telephoning

Cultural variations in making phone calls from country to country, including differences in starting calls, ending calls, taking messages, etc.

50 ways to answer the phone (in English and other languages)

Different things to say when you pick up the phone in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Greek, Turkish, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Catalan, Hebrew, Romanian and Flemish.

The 100 most useful phrases for business meetings

This is a list of essential phrases for being able to communicate in English during business meetings

How to end phone calls smoothly and politely

What to do and what not to do when bringing calls to a close, including tips, useful telephoning phrases, and typical mistakes when ending calls.

How to start phone calls in English

How to begin telephone calls, chat at the start of calls and move smoothly to the topic of the call, for both callers and people answering the phone.

The 100 most useful telephoning phrases

A carefully chosen list of the most important phrases for making and receiving business and personal telephone calls, including lots of useful language for starting and ending calls, dealing with communication problems, taking and leaving messages, etc.

100 Useful Phrases to Help you Practise Telephone Conversations

Learning how to have a conversation on the telephone in English can be hard to learn, so we've provided this handy list of the 100 most useful phrases to help you practise