Christmas English Activities for ESL Classrooms

Incorporate the spirit of Christmas into your ESL classroom with our photocopiable classroom materials and teaching tips. These resources offer creative ways to discuss winter holiday traditions whilst learning vocabulary, grammar and functional language phrases, enriching your students' learning experience during the festive season.

Teaching Xmas and New Year

Articles on how to teach Christmas language and how to teach other language through Christmas lessons, plus a list of language that could be useful for or come up in lessons.

Xmas and New Year teaching tips

Photocopiable Xmas and New Year lesson plans

Free PDF classroom materials to teach Christmas language and cultural traditions, and to teach other language in Xmas lessons.

Xmas and New Year grammar lesson plans

Xmas and New Year worksheets for other language points

Xmas and New Year discussion questions

Christmas Songs Lesson Plans for ESL Students

Other Xmas photocopiable lesson plans