Have something done bluffing card games


A lying card game and coin game to practise "have something + PP" and "do something myself", including typical actions with have something done.

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Have something done bluffing card games

Start a sentence with “I have…” or “I…” without “have”, pick a card at random, complete your sentence with what it says on that card and perhaps “my own” or “myself”, even if it is not true. For example, say “I”, pick the “massage your shoulders”, and say “I massage my own shoulders”. After follow-up questions, your partner will guess if your sentence is true or not.


apply your fake eyelashes



massage your feet


bring books to your house



massage your neck


bring furniture to your house



massage your shoulders


bring newspapers to your house



move your furniture to your new home


bury your pet



move your old photos to your new phone


catch mice in your house



paint your ceiling


change your bicycle’s tyres



paint your walls


change your car’s oil



perm your hair


change your car’s tyres



photoshop your photos


check your contracts



plan your wedding


choose your workout regime



plant your flowers


clean your windows



proofread your CV


convert your loft into an extra bedroom



proofread your final dissertation


convert your old VHS videos into digital form



put down your carpet/ your tatami/ your wooden flooring/ your…


convert your van into a camper van



put petrol in your car


cook your party food



put together your wedding album


cut your children’s hair



put your (IKEA) furniture together


cut your grass/ cut your lawn



put your wallpaper up


cut your hair



renovate your house


cut your nails



sell your house


cut your pet’s hair



take your family portrait photos


cut your pet’s nails



take your passport photo


decorate your living room



take your presents to distant relations


dispose of your old Xmas tree



talk to your boss about your pay rise


do your gardening



teach your child to ski


do your wedding make up



tie your bowtie


drive your removals van



treat your child’s cold


dye your hair



trim your nose hair/ your ear hair


entertain your children’s birthday party guests



trim your trees/ your bushes/ your…


fix your bicycle’s brakes



unblock your sink


grow your herbs



unblock your toilet


grow your vegetables



wash your car


help your child catch up on their weak school subjects



wash your pillows


install your dishwasher/ washing machine



wash your suits


manicure your nails



wax your back/ your legs/ your…

Ask about cards you don’t understand, guessing if your teacher does that themselves or not each time. Then switch groups. Play a similar game with the cards you didn’t understand before. This time pick a card first, flip a coin, and say this:

heads = say “I have… done”                                                tails = say “I… (my own…/ myself)”

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