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The 'Teaching English' category offers a wealth of articles designed to support English language teachers and academics. It provides insights into effective teaching methodologies, classroom management techniques, and innovative lesson planning. The content is grounded in practical experience and academic research, making it a valuable resource for both novice and seasoned educators. Explore this category to enhance your teaching skills and enrich your students' learning experience.

How to teach consonant clusters to EFL learners

Category: Teaching English Topic: Pronunciation
How to present and practise consonant blends, with consonant cluster games

How to teach Social English

Category: Teaching English Topic: Social English
Teaching tips and classroom activities for the language needed to meet people, socialise, and smoothly start and finish conversations.

How to teach positive and negative connotations

Category: Teaching English Topic: Vocabulary
Teaching tips for presenting and practicing positive and negative words and expressions

How to teach small talk

Category: Teaching English Topic: Discourse
Teaching tips and classroom activities for the difficult skills of smoothly chatting when meeting people, starting phone calls, ending meetings, etc.

How to teach small talk questions with how

Category: Teaching English Topic: Questions
Teaching how to ask, respond to and extend conversations with "How are you?", "How was your weekend?" etc.

The bluffer's guide to level checking

A quick guide to putting someone in the right level, giving a good impression, and finding out other vital information as you do so.

Fitting learner training into your syllabus

Making sure that students find out the best ways to improve their English outside the classroom without needing to diverge from your class's curriculum, with many ideas for interactive classroom activities on the topic of language learning.

Favourites in ESL classes

Stimulating and useful practice with one of the easiest and most motivating ways of getting lower level and younger students to talk about themselves in English.

Word Impact Chart

Category: Teaching English Topic: Vocabulary
An article about using Word Impact charts to channel vocabulary according to a person's age, gender, work, and attitude.

Teaching English to Students with Learning Difficulties (LDs)

How to teach ESL to to students with Learning Difficulties

Sharing personal experiences in EFL classes

Going beyond students chatting about themselves.

70 easy TEFL articles that anyone could write at least one of

Explore a comprehensive list of 70 potential topics for articles about teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL), ranging from historical perspectives to practical classroom strategies and theoretical critiques.

Brainstorming in EFL - problems and solutions

Making brainstorming more useful and fun

Boosting students' confidence in the teacher

Ways of helping students learn by helping them learn to trust the teacher.

Olympics Ideas Two: Beyond sports

Category: Teaching English Topic: General
Going a little and much further than talking about running, jumping and swimming.

Olympics Ideas Part One: Teaching English for and through Sport

Category: Teaching English Topic: General
Teaching the popular topic of sport and using that topic to practise loads of other language.

Students who are reluctant to ask questions

Category: Teaching English Topic: Questions
What do you do when you find that students are reluctant to ask questions about the class or their homework?

Different ways of doing a listening

Category: Teaching English Topic: General
The standard way of doing a listening with many small and large variations.

A well-balanced use of warmers and fillers

Some tips on checking if you have got the use of warmers and fillers just right, and what you can do about it if you haven't.

Handling clashes in demands

What to do when the demands of the student and the person paying for the classes clash

A well-balanced use of pairwork

Some ways of spotting if you have been able to draw the fine line between too much pairwork and not enough, and ways of planning lessons that include whatever you decide is the perfect amount

Checklist for English Conversation Schools

A checklist for English conversation schools if you're teaching kids for the first time

The big list of ending the lesson language

Useful phrases to end ESL classes

The big list of language for talking about lessons

This list could be useful for talking or writing about classes that are shared (e.g. between an Assistant Language Teacher and the regular classroom teacher), for writing handover notes, and for job interviews and initiation periods.

Useful classroom language for teachers when using texts

Classroom language and tips for teaching texts