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The 'Teacher Training' category offers a wealth of articles aimed at enhancing the pedagogical skills of English language teachers and academics. It covers a broad spectrum of topics, from classroom management to innovative teaching methodologies. These resources are designed to support your professional development, enrich your teaching practices, and ultimately, improve your students' learning outcomes.

The advantages and disadvantages of blind observations

What are the advantages and disadvantages of "blind observation"- when someone checks everything but the lesson itself?

Drilling - Judicious Use of Brute Force in the ESL Classroom

How to use drilling when presenting or practicing new language, when preparing for an impending exam or to hammer out bad habits (including choral drills, interactive drills, substitution drills, transformation drills and drilling using flash cards)

The advantages and disadvantages of peer observations

What are the advantages and disadvantages of peer observations?

Setting up workshops for teachers

Some tips on how you can make workshops work well

Setting up a TEFL certificate course- Advantages & Disadvantages

The pros and cons of setting-up a TEFL certificate course from personal experience

Setting up a TEFL certificate course

Personal experiences in setting up a TEFL Certificate course

Teacher Training -Grammar Based PPP

How to prepare an English conversation lesson for a holistic, structural, four-skills syllabus: an article for new teachers or those unfamiliar with grammar-based syllabus or the PPP model of lesson planning (Present, Practice, Produce).

How to break into teacher training

Some tips on moving into teacher training


How and when to use realia, which consists of actual objects or items or facsimiles thereof, which are used in the classroom to illustrate and teach vocabulary or to serve as an aid to facilitate language acquisition and production.