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Our Teaching English section provides you with many resources for ESL teachers. Teach English online using our range of printables and grammar exercises, and our online exercise editor which allows you to create your own materials for use in your classroom.

We also provide downloadable PDF lesson plans, many teacher-focussed articles & training resources and an online forum where you can find (or give) help with teaching 24/7.

How to Teach English with has a wide range of teaching resources that will suit any style of teaching. We've listed the main teacher-focussed ones below, but don't forget to browse our student materials too, as there's a wealth of content available to use for your needs.

English Lesson Plans

1,465 printer-friendly lesson plans in PDF form, with answers and teachers' notes where needed, for all levels, including exam lessons. Downloads are organised by level, theme and grammar topic.

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ESL Handouts & Worksheets

Our growing collection of 519 free printable English grammar and vocabulary practice worksheets for use in the classroom or other teaching environment.

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Create Your Own Online Quizzes New

Access to our comprehensive quiz management tool allowing you to create and organise your own quizzes for use in your lessons.

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Downloadable eBooks

Download our PDF eBooks, which provide you with a range of interactive classroom activities.

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Teaching Festivals/Celebrations in ESL Classes New

Resources designed to help your students understand and discuss various aspects of festivals and celebrations through vocabulary exercises, games, speaking activities and more.

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Get our lists of British English Idioms, American English Idioms and Animal idioms in eBook (PDF) format. They're perfect to use offline for reference or for use in class! Available to buy and download now.

English Teacher Forum

Our TEFL forum for English teachers is a lively place where English language teachers and experts choose to discuss techniques and chat.

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Teacher Training Forum

The teacher training forum is a place where our teachers and experts support each other through training, and provide helpful advice and tips.

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The Editor's Blog

Richard Flynn is an English teacher and the Site Editor here at Here, he talks about English usage that catches his eye or ear, and looks at language issues that interest or puzzle him.

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Speaking Out

A collection of thoughts, comments and articles regarding some issues and discussion points that have been raised in our ESL Forum.

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How to Become an English Teacher

The teacher training forum is a place where our teachers and experts support each other through training, and provide helpful advice and tips.
A range of downloadable PDF handouts for teacher training.