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What is Pronunciation?

Pronunciation is the area of language that is concerned with the sounds of speech- how we say words. English pronunciation is not consistent with the writing system- we can often spell the same sound a number of different ways as English is a language that resulted from the merging of various different languages over time. Furthermore, there are regional variations and dialects that add to the complexity. People may also look on different pronunciations from a class perspective, considering that some forms of pronunciation are socially more desirable than others, though these attitudes have no founding in linguistics.

Understanding the Basics of English Pronunciation

There are a few basic concepts which you will need to become familiar with to develop a strong foundation in English pronunciation.

  • Phonetics: the linguistic study of the sounds that make up a language.
  • Phonology (page coming soon): the study of how sounds function within a language.
  • Vowels: speech sounds produced with an open vocal tract.
  • Consonants: speech sounds produced with a constriction in airflow.
  • Syllables: units of sound that make up words, containing a vowel.

You may also wish to become familiar with the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) (PDF). The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is a standardised system of symbols used to represent the sounds of human speech across languages. It provides a consistent and comprehensive way to transcribe and analyse the pronunciation of words, allowing for accurate communication and linguistic research.

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