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In the 'Vocabulary' category, you will find articles that will enrich your English language skills. These articles will help you understand and use a wide range of English words and phrases, enhancing your ability to express yourself clearly and confidently. Whether you are preparing for an exam, or simply wish to improve your everyday English, these vocabulary-focused articles will be of great assistance.

12 learning vocabulary challenges New

Category: Vocabulary Topic: General
A dozen motivating and realistic targets to help you improve your knowledge of words and phrases

Learning English vocabulary problems and solutions

Category: Vocabulary Topic: General
11 practical ways to solve typical issues with memorising and using English words and phrases

Important words with schwa by level

Category: Vocabulary Topic: Pronunciation
Words which might be difficult to recognise and/ or pronounce due to an unstressed vowel sound (schwa), at levels from Elementary to Advanced/ Proficiency.

Fun for all the family 1: 22 games to practice numbers

Category: Vocabulary Topic: Pronunciation
All kinds of number games for all kinds of students

The 100 most useful acronyms for EFL learners

Category: Vocabulary Topic: Vocabulary
The most important acronyms for English language learners to learn

The 100 most useful abbreviations for EFL learners

Category: Vocabulary Topic: Vocabulary
The most important short forms for people learning English as a foreign language.

Why does my teacher stop me using my dictionary or electronic dictionary?

Reasons why your teacher may stop you using dictionaries in class.

Why does my teacher make me use an English-English Dictionary?

What's wrong with bilingual dictionaries?