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Have something done bluffing card games

Updated: 6th Jun. 2024 | A lying card game and coin game to practise "have something + PP" and "do something myself", including typical actions with have something done.

Zero Conditional- Personalised Sentence Completion Guessing Game

Updated: 28th May. 2024 | A fun zero conditional writing and speaking guessing game, with students first using suggested zero conditional sentence stems, then making their own free choice of sentences.

Zero Conditional Practice- Advice for Parents

Updated: 28th May. 2024 | Zero conditional sentences halves to complete with good advice for people bringing up children, with different verb forms in zero conditional presentation and suggested language for responding to good and bad suggestions.

Zero Conditionals and Feelings- Personalised Sentences

Updated: 28th May. 2024 | Emotions vocabulary and Present Simple + Present Simple conditionals speaking practice, then testing students on their memories of the synonyms and opposites of the feelings words they were just using.

Zero Article- Key Word Activities

Updated: 27th May. 2024 | Four card games to practise sentences with no article, including a lying game and storytelling, with cards with words that commonly go with the zero article.

Yes/No questions with "can"

Updated: 27th May. 2024 | Closed questions with can oral pairs card game, with one point for the same answer to "Can...?" questions matching the two cards that are chosen, including common abilities topics and verbs.

Words with Silent Letters- Hangman

Updated: 27th May. 2024 | A spelling game to practise spelling and pronunciation of words with silent letters, including homophones and examples at different levels.

Word Stress Maze Activity

Updated: 27th May. 2024 | Words stressed on the first syllable practice through a maze puzzle, with two versions and an optional presentation stage where students try to work out patterns in which kinds of words have which kind of stress.

Word Formation Reversi Memory Game

Updated: 27th May. 2024 | A fun card game based on Othello to help memorise different forms of words, with academic vocabulary and Cambridge Proficiency Use of English versions.

Will for Spontaneous Decisions

Updated: 27th May. 2024 | Will for making up your mind, offers, etc answer me speaking game, with points for getting that response with words on your card from your partner.

Wh spelling and pronunciation activities

Updated: 27th May. 2024 | How to spell and pronounce words with W+H review, starting with a fun game, and including silent letters, homophones, and comparisons to words spelled with just W.

Wh- Questions- Needs Analysis, Presentation and Practice

Updated: 27th May. 2024 | Open question formation and meeting people presentation and practice first lesson through needs analysis pairwork interviews, suggested questions, more controlled practice, then roleplays.

Wh- Questions for Making Small Talk

Updated: 27th May. 2024 | Open questions and question formation practice through everyday conversation questions in a TTT lesson format, also good for Social English classes and learning meeting people.

Whose is this? & Whose are these?

Updated: 27th May. 2024 | Two personalised questions with demonstratives drawing card games to practise possessives

Who in this class- superlatives practice

Updated: 27th May. 2024 | Superlative adjectives practice through students guessing and finding out who is the most extreme in the class, then trying to remember the ...est and most... forms that they just used.

What were people doing- Past Continuous trivia quiz

Updated: 27th May. 2024 | History trivia quiz to present or practise Past Progressive, including an optional grammar presentation contrasting Past Simple and Past Continuous, and a freer speaking stage.

What places used to be called- Trivia Quiz

Updated: 27th May. 2024 | General knowledge quiz on changes in place names for fun, interesting and educational practice of used to for talking about the past, also useful for learning place names in English and their pronunciation.

Weather Vocabulary- Bluffing Game

Updated: 27th May. 2024 | Fun personalised practice of words and phrases for common and less common weather through a lying speaking game, with words that go together to describe weather presentation.

Weather Vocabulary and Making & Responding to Invitations

Updated: 27th May. 2024 | Functional language of invitations and weather words and phrases, including invitations which are suitable for different kinds of weather, and using weather vocabulary to give excuses for turning down invitations.

Weather- Things in Common Game

Updated: 27th May. 2024 | Weather vocabulary word formation and weather vocabulary collocations practice starting with personalised speaking practice where students find experiences and opinions that they share.

Weather and Advice Practice

Updated: 27th May. 2024 | Suggestions phrases and weather vocabulary speaking practice, with suggested questions and weather words to ask for advice with.

Weather- Adverbs of Frequency Practice

Updated: 27th May. 2024 | Present Simple with frequency expressions and weather vocabulary speaking practice, with suggested discussion questions and vocabulary brainstorming.

Want Plus Prepositions of Position Personalised Drawing Game

Updated: 27th May. 2024 | Want and want to for future desires and prepositions of location practice with personalised speaking and sketching the answers.

Verbs with Two Objects- School Rules Discussion

Updated: 27th May. 2024 | Verb plus direct object and indirect object speaking practice through discussing the best rules for a conversation school, with suggested topics and verbs with two objects, then trying to remember the verbs which they could use.

Verbs with Two Objects- Roleplay Discussion

Updated: 27th May. 2024 | Verb + direct object + indirect object oral practice through discussing what to do with unwanted possessions when moving house, with thirteen suggested verbs with more than one object.

Verbs with ‘back’- Roleplays Speaking Practice

Updated: 27th May. 2024 | Typical sentences with verb + back to use, a test of their memory of the verbs they were just using, then situations to roleplay for freer practice of multiword verbs.

Verbs with ‘back’- Problems and Solutions

Updated: 27th May. 2024 | Phrasal verbs and other multiword verbs including the particle "back" situations to discuss, followed by checking their memory of which verbs have each meaning and the language of advice.

Verbs of Sensation Mini-Presentations

Updated: 27th May. 2024 | Extended speaking and suggested follow-up questions to prompt the use of verbs describing senses, including like as a preposition.

Verbs of Sensation- Discussion Questions

Updated: 27th May. 2024 | Conversation questions using and to prompt the use of verbs describing looks, tastes, sounds, textures and smells, including like as a preposition.

Verbs of Sensation- Discuss and Agree

Updated: 27th May. 2024 | Verbs for appearance, smell, texture, taste and sound practice with sentence stems to talk about together, write down, and compare with other students.