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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Awesome after work fun in Leeds

Awesome after work fun in Leeds

Leeds and clubbing go together, like besotted lovers, hand in hand, like peaches and Cream. You just can’t separate clubbing from Leeds. We all in this modern world experience an affinity for late night raving and having a desire for good time runs deep inside us – and then we totally throw our self into a frolic party. Leeds is full of all the flavors. But it is advisable to visit these parties with a companion to enhance your pleasure. […]

Relish the Historical places of Leeds

Relish the Historical places of Leeds

In Britain, one can never have an option of not considering the British history as England is a historical country with lots still unfolded. Talking about historical English cities, Leeds perhaps the top the table with its history traced to be as back as 5th century when the name was attributed to a forested area of the Kingdom of Elmet. Leeds, situated on the bank of river Aire, became an industrial hub during 17th and 18th century. With uncountable structures depicting […]




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